Sony 18650 VTC5a 2600mAh High-drain Battery – 12C 35A


Sony VTC5A 18650

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Sony 18650 VTC5a 2600mAh High-drain Battery – 12C 35A is with the capacity of 2600mAh with 35A max current discharge and a nominal voltage of 3.7v. This type of batteries also has a lower internal resistance than the regular 18650 battery and deliver a higher voltage under load.

1. Capacity: 2600mAh
2. Max continues discharge: 35A
3. Battery version: Flat top
4. Internal impedance: 13.5 megaOhm at AC 1kHz
Charging info:
• Charge Method: CC/CV Constant Current / Constant Voltage
• Charge up Voltage: 4.2 +/- .05v
• Charge current: 2.5 Amps
• Charge time: 2.5 hours
• Ambient Temperature: 23c
– NOT protected! Don’t buy this unless you know what you are doing! This battery is NOT for flashlights!
– Do not charge over 4.2V!
– Do not change polarity!
– Do not heat the battery, or store under the influence of high temperatures!
– Do never shortcut!
– Make sure they do not come in contact with water!
– For longer storage periods should be stored below 45 ° C temperature.
– After long storage times need the cell probably make a few charge cycles to increase capacity again.
– Do not discharge below 3V.


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